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The flood is coming. Here are a few tips to prepare your house

Floods can be a devastating natural disaster here in the Foley, AL area, so being prepared is key to protecting your home. Here are some tips from us at Southern Risk Associates on how to get your house ready for a flood: 

Flood Preparation Tips

1. Check your pipes and valves.

Make sure all of your pipes and valves are in good working condition so that they won’t burst under pressure from the flooding. Consider purchasing special valve covers or other tools that can help protect them even more. 

2. Elevate furniture and appliances.

Move any furniture or appliances that might be prone to water damage off the ground if possible. This will ensure that they don’t become submerged if the waters rise high enough. 

3. Install check valves on drains and toilets.

Check valves will help prevent the backflow of floodwater into your home through drains and toilets, helping to keep the inside dry. 

4. Keep sandbags around just in case.

Sandbags are an effective way to block water from entering through doorways and other openings in your home, so it’s smart to have some on hand when a flood is possible in your area. 

5. Have emergency supplies ready

Have emergency supplies ready ahead of time, such as bottled water, flashlights, batteries, first aid kits, blankets, etc., so you can be prepared if you need to evacuate quickly due to rising waters or power outages caused by flooding in your area. 

Consult With Us

Following these tips can help you get your house ready for a flood before it happens – preparing now may mean saved possessions and peace of mind later! For more tips or to explore a flood insurance policy, give us at Southern Risk Associates a call today. We proudly serve the Foley, AL area.

Benefits of Flood Insurance

Many people believe that flooding is only susceptible to high-risk areas. That is not true, as flooding can occur in any area where a downpour is a possibility. 

It’s prudent to consider buying flood insurance from Southern Risk Associates in Foley, AL if your home is situated in a location vulnerable to floods, either through melting snow or water flowing down a steep hill. Unfortunately, many think of flood insurance only when a meteorologist announces a warning of a looming surge. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike, – consult with us today to get more information about this vital coverage.

Here Are Some Benefits of Having Flood Insurance:

Protection of assets

Have you ever assessed how much your home and all its possessions cost? Given that your dwelling is one of the most precious investments in your lifetime, it requires prolific protection from impending calamities. Flood insurance provides coverage for your house, including the roof, wall, and other permanent fixtures.

To safeguard your family and loved ones

Home is regarded as a comfort zone housing our lovely families and pets. Floods can be disastrous, often relegating your loved ones to homelessness. To ensure your family members are protected when disaster strikes, flood insurance from Southern Risk Associates can be an essential component.

Provision of peace of mind

Floods are devastating havoc that can strike anytime, culminating in insurmountable damage. Destruction can affect the prevailing dwelling and the contents stored in them. Discarding these worries and inculcating peace of mind can only be realized by purchasing flood insurance that will offer guaranteed protection when these abrupt and unforeseen events crop up.

Get Flood Insurance Today

If you are looking for this important coverage, get in touch with our agents at Southern Risk Associates in Foley, AL. Our experienced agents will help you with drafting customized flood insurance in line with your unique needs.

Flood Insurance Explained

Did you know that floods account for over 90% of US natural disasters? Yes, floods are a constant menace in America. And every time they strike, they leave a trail of destruction. And speaking of floods, Alabama is not safe. Just the other day, on 19th July 2021, flash floods hit Birmingham metropolitan area, blocking roads and causing structural damage.

Given the constant threat of floods, you are never safe without flood insurance from Southern Risk Associates of Foley, AL. But what is flood insurance? What does it cover? Here are the basics you need to know about flood insurance.

Is flood insurance mandatory?

Alabama doesn’t require homeowners to purchase flood insurance. However, homeowners living in flood-risk areas are needed to purchase this coverage if it’s a requirement by their lender. But whether flood insurance is compulsory or not, you need it.

Where do I purchase flood insurance?

If you buy flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), you will get building coverage with a limit of $250,000 and contents coverage of up to $100,000. However, when you purchase flood insurance coverage from private carriers, you can access higher limits. 

What does flood insurance cover?

The buildings coverage covers your dwelling structure, including foundation, air condition system, permanent carpets, plumbing, and electrical system. The contents coverage protects personal assets like clothing, furniture, electronics, and other assets.

But isn’t floods a national disaster?

While it’s true, sometimes the president can declare floods a national disaster, but it is not always the case. And when this executive order is made, you will be given a grant that you are supposed to repay. And still, you will require flood insurance because floods can strike again!

Purchase flood insurance today!

If you have been having second thoughts about flood insurance, think again. Floods can strike anywhere in the country, and your Foley, AL isn’t safe without flood insurance. Ready for coverage? All you need to do is to contact Southern Risk Associates for an affordable quote.

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