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Senior Rider Motorcycle Insurance: Riding into Retirement

In and around Foley, AL, retirement often marks a time of newfound freedom and exploration, and for some seniors, that means hitting the open road on a motorcycle. While the thrill of riding can endure well into the golden years, senior riders need to consider the unique insurance needs of this phase of life. 

Unique Considerations for Senior Riders

As seniors embark on motorcycle adventures during retirement, several factors come into play:

  • Experience and Skill: Many senior riders have years of knowledge on the road, which can contribute to their skill and confidence. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge any potential changes in physical ability or reaction time that may come with aging.
  • Type of Motorcycle: The type of motorcycle can influence insurance premiums. Smaller, less powerful bikes may be more affordable to insure, especially if the rider is transitioning to a different motorcycle style in retirement.
  • Annual Mileage: Retirement often brings more flexibility in travel and leisure. Senior riders should consider estimating their annual mileage accurately to reflect their anticipated usage, which can impact insurance rates.
  • Safety Measures: Implementing safety measures, such as completing refresher courses or investing in advanced riding gear, can enhance the riding experience and contribute to insurance discounts.

Navigating Insurance Premiums 

While insurance premiums may increase with age, senior riders can take steps to manage costs:

  • Safe Riding Record: Maintaining a clean riding record contributes to lower insurance premiums.
  • Discount Programs: Many insurers offer discounts for completing safety courses or participating in mature rider programs.
  • Shop Around: Exploring multiple insurance providers allows senior riders to compare rates and find the coverage that best suits their needs.

Southern Risk Associates Can Help You

At Southern Risk Associates, we can help answer questions concerning motorcycle insurance. We serve the Foley, AL area. Contact us today. 

Should You Winterize a Motorcycle When It Is Not Being Ridden During the Winter Months?

At Southern Risk Associates, we are pleased to offer residents in the greater Foley, AL area with motorcycle insurance. We want to do everything we can to help you stay safe while riding your bike and to help protect your bike when it is not being ridden. If you plan on putting your bike away for the winter months, you may wonder if you should winterize your motorcycle, or if this is something that really does not need to be done. Read on as we provide you with an answer. 

Should You Winterize a Motorcycle When It Is Not Being Ridden During the Winter Months?

It is strongly recommended that you winterize your motorcycle if you do not plan on driving it for a couple of months or longer during the winter months. When you winterize your bike, you help to prevent the fluids from freezing. As fluids freeze, the fluid expands, which can crack the reservoirs that hold the fluids.

Winterizing your bike also helps to prevent fluids from turning sludge-like as they just sit there unused. Lastly, winterizing your bike helps to keep your bike in tip-top shape so your bike will be in good condition once winter weather dissipates. 

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Winterizing your motorcycle helps to protect your bike from freezing fluids and from the bike being damaged when it is not being ridden during the winter months. Once the weather warms up, and you are ready to ride your bike, your bike will be good to go. If you are looking to change your existing motorcycle insurance policy or purchase a new one, the team at Southern Risk Associates, serving the greater Foley, AL area, can help. Reach out to us now to learn more. 

Common Motorcycle Insurance Variables

Southern Risk Associates serves the Foley, AL community and the surrounding areas. We are committed to helping our clients acquire the coverage they need to protect their assets. We offer multiple types of coverage to ensure that our clients are protected in every situation. We look forward to assisting you with your coverage needs.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Variables

Motorcycle insurance helps you protect one of your most prized possessions. Perhaps you enjoy riding through Foley, AL and beyond on warm summer days. Insurance covers you in the event of a disaster. Maybe you hit a rock and your motorcycle collides with a car. Any damages to your motorcycle are covered. Liability coverage protects you if you are held responsible for any property damage that your motorcycle causes. You are also protected if your motorcycle accidentally injures someone. You can add comprehensive coverage, which protects you if your motorcycle is stolen. You’re also covered if your motorcycle is damaged in unique situations, such as impact with an animal or a natural disaster.

There are a few variables that may impact your motorcycle insurance. The type of engine that you have may alter your policy. If you have an enhanced engine, your motorcycle will be viewed as high risk. You may need to amend your policy to fully cover your motorcycle if it’s stolen. If you park your motorcycle in storage during months when you aren’t using it, consider adding storage coverage. Storage protects your motorcycle if something happens to the facility. Adding uninsured motorist coverage is recommended. This covers you if your motorcycle is damaged by someone who does not have insurance.

Southern Risk Associates Will Help You Cover Your Assets  

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