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What is a full timers motorhome policy?

The typical RV insurance from Southern Risk Associates protects you and your recreational vehicle while you travel in it. That type of RV policy protects your vehicle while you drive it around Foley, AL and on road trips. When you retire and decide to use your RV, also called a motorhome, as a permanent home, you need to upgrade to a full timers motorhome policy.

What a Full Timers Policy Offers

Although both types of policy protect your home on wheels, the full-timer’s policy adds coverage, such as added liability coverage. It protects your RV with full coverage, offering both comprehensive and collision protection.

When you live in your motorhome full-time, you typically park it in a single spot served by electrical and water hookups. This means you drive it less, but you also may host guests more often. Once you park it in one spot, you usually make friends with neighbors and host dinners or parties, just as you would in a traditional single-family home. That increases the liability you incur because you raise the risk of an accident in which you would incur fault.

Updating your motorhome insurance to a full-timers policy provides you with the needed protection though. You can add additional living expenses coverage to this policy, so if damage does occur to your RV, for instance, in a hail storm, your insurance pays for your hotel room while you get the RV fixed.

You can also add special coverage for expensive valuables that you keep with you, such as your mountain bikes or jewelry. The full-timers policy essentially offers protection like a home insurance policy.

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Motorhome Insurance Overview

Southern Risk Associates assists the Foley, AL community. We work with multiple carriers throughout the South and offer customized policies that adapt to our client’s needs.  

Motorhome Insurance Overview

Many Foley, AL residents enjoy traveling through the state in their motorhomes. During summer, traveling in your motorhome gives you the opportunity to experience a fun and exciting adventure. However, it’s important to remember that accidents can happen anytime. Motorhome insurance protects your asset while you’re traveling around. The policy covers your vehicle against potential damages while on the road. Collision coverage protects you if you make an impact with another vehicle or object. If you are held responsible for causing property damage or injuring someone, liability coverage will protect you. Liability coverage also covers you if one of your passengers is injured while traveling around with you. Motorhome insurance also covers any personal items inside the vehicle if something happens to them.

Comprehensive coverage provides extra protection, which is critical if you plan to go camping or take frequent vacations. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it’s stolen or vandalized. If you’re traveling through rural areas, it’s possible that you will collide with an animal. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your motorhome hits an animal or object. Serious weather may move into Alabama at any moment. If you’re going camping, comprehensive coverage protects your motorhome if it’s damaged due to a natural disaster. If you have a trailer attached to your motorhome, you can add extra coverage to protect that accessory against potential damages.

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